Monday, March 28, 2011

Start your day with Nutella spread!

This stuff is GREAT! I was chosen, along with other moms, to try this spread out. I didn't know ANYTHING about it before hand. But when I saw hazelnut spread, I was sold!!

I put it on my toast, my english muffins & waffles. (go ahead, try it!)

My favorite part of doing these trials is getting to GIVE AWAY stuff too. I had a get together with the other moms at gymnastics and it was a hit. I got great feedback from them, as well as the members of my family.

So the next time you're at the grocery store, stop by and get some Nutella spread! Its a BIG bottle, but it won't last long, it's sooooooo yummy!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A yummy giveaway!!

I found out about this yummy site through Which I posted about that site a little bit ago! I love it!

After friend-ing fancy fortune cookies on facebook I found this giveaway!

Check her out. Its a nice blog and the giveaway is def a plus!!

Let me know if you win!

Yay!! It's time to elf yourself!!

I LOVE jibjab! Here we all are getting doooown!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I had a great opportunity!

What a GREAT company and product!!

My fave thing about it is the description on the front of each bottle of product they offer:

"Free from the bad stuff like parabens, phthalates and fragrances, Episencial products are loaded with all-natural goodness and healthy organics."

They just put it all right there for ya! I wish I knew about them when Blake was little. He had SO many skin problems, from eczema causing bad rashes and dry spots, to just odd looking red splotched from anything fragrant touching his skin.

I've gotten A LOT of use out of their protective face balm and the cool weather is JUST starting! I on my nose & lips and it is doing the trick!! I've used it all except for the Sun screen. That will surly be used this summer though. The lotion is GREAT, the bubble bath and wash nice to use while knowing that you have nothing harsh in the tub with the kids!

I'm telling you, they have a return customer here!! Let me know if you have ANY questions about the products and how it works, feels, smells. Like I said, I've used them all except the Sun Block.

On to the get together!!~

I also got some products to giveaway! Us gymnastics moms have a whole hours to just sit and chat, so I thought who better to share these goodies with! The moms loved getting these to try and I can't wait to get some feedback from them!!

Sarah won Bingo
moms & dads welcome :)
Gymnastics mamas!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm in love!

I stumbled onto this website.
OMG it's heaven!

everyday they post a deal thats for YOUR area! Like a local or something!

You should check it out for your area too!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I need more in my life then surfing the web

And you ask, "How will a blog online help with this problem of yours N?"

Well, I'm addicted to facebook. I have to be on it, I have to check it, I check it on my phone when I'm out, I check my email for notifications, I'll take pictures and think, Im so putting this on my facebook. Sad right?

I need a healthy obsession. Writing to myself is pretty healthy. Getting it all out, getting things off my chest. I'm working on this facebook problem of mine. I want to try getting on once a day, check everything one time, write back to everyone at one time, add a few pictures for fam & friends to check out just once during that one time frame window. We'll see. I can do it!

What I need to do it get in the floor and play with these rug rats of mine more. We play, we laugh, but mostly they play, & they laugh. I asked bulldozer (during a lecture about behaving) "Who tucks you in at night?" "you!" Who reads you books?" "you!" "Who does arts & crafts with you?" And he said his sisters name. So I do a good job at putting them to bed, seeing as it is a nice time for me. Peace & quiet for any mama. But I'm not playing & interacting with them enough.

We had our first official family game night this Saturday! It was GREAT! The kids are finally old enough to play games. We started with a new game we bough from target. Shark attack. After a chat about being a good sport & not crying every time you lose the kids got in to it the right way! Then we played UNO. Which the kids LOVED, especially our bulldozer. Then ended the night with a princess wishing well game chosen by Barbie girl!

Then we got two HUGE blankets and covered the floor and curled up to end our night watching Mario brothers & Barbie and the fashion Fairy tale.

It was a wonderful night and with many guaranteed more!